A discussion (forum) is for both teachers and students who have access to both reading and writing replies and adding new threads.

Discussion is used to openly share and comment on subjects. Therefore, discussion can be used for feedback and peer feedback that should be seen by everyone in the course. The teacher can e.g. create a discussion thread with an assignment text, and the students can hand in texts, videos or pictures as a reply to the thread. Then both the students as well as the teacher can comment on the replies.

If you want to comment on the replies in one post and without the students being able to follow the progress, you can create the discussion in an isolated Plan and deactivate the Plan while you comment on the replies. Activate the Plan again to make it visible to the students.

See below for details on how to do this:


Find the plan to which you want to add a Discussion

Select Add resource

Select Show all

Select Discussion

  1. Enter the Discussion title
  2. Enter a description
  3. Select Save

4.   Start a new discussion thread

See and reply to a discussion

5.   Read comments

6.   You can write a new comment in the text field under 'Add reply'.